Identity Management Solution

Governments around the world are facing growing need for modernized e-government services. Increase in the population, travel and migration on one hand with alarmingly high security threats and identity thefts on the other hand, creating genuine need for reliable identity management solutions that correspond to these requirements

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Civil Registration Management

One of the fundamental responsibilities of governments around the world is to safeguard the identity and protecting individual liberty of their people. In serving the public and providing social and economic programs, provision of reliable and accurate information in identifying holders of nationality is crucial for the governments.

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e-ID Card Issuance System

In today’s information society, electronic services are increasingly becoming indispensable. Citizen-oriented services are now at the center of any e-government transformation program and the building block of these initiatives is the establishment of e-ID programs. Citizen’s electronic identity is an invaluable asset to the government and an enabler of social justice and welfare.

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Passport Issuance System

PintarID Passport Issuance System (PIS) is a comprehensive solution package that includes everything from individual software, hardware and passport booklets, to over-the-counter and central issuance capabilities.

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Visa Issuance System

PintarID Visa Issuance enables different non-immigrant visa classifications and schemes to be defined depending on the requirements of the country; including tourist, business, dependent, work permit, and student visas.

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Border Management System

PintarID Border Management System addresses the needs of border control agencies for a secured and effi cient processing of travellers, balancing control and convenience requirements at both manual border control booth and automated gates.

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