Travel and Immigration

The Travel and Immigration solution consists of three main components. The components can be implemented as a whole or separately.


a. Passport Issuance

Passport Issuance System (PIS) is a comprehensive solution package that includes everything from individual software, hardware and passport booklets, to over-the-counter and central issuance capabilities. It empowers government agencies to efficiently implement and manage the entire passport process, including enrollment, identity verification, application approval, document issuance and passport statuses.


b. Visa Issuance

Visa Issuance System (VIS) offers a full suite solution for global visa issuance, with a centralized approach that is deployable at any visa issuing location including embassies, diplomatic missions and one-stop-centers around the world. Visa Issuance support standalone implementation however, it can be integrated with new or existing systems such as Immigration and Border Management systems for seamless operations. Visa Issuance enables different non-immigrant visa classifications and schemes to be defined depending on the requirements of the country; including tourist, business, dependent, work permit, and student visas.


c. Border Management

Border Management System addresses the needs of border control agencies for a secured and efficient processing of travelers, balancing control and convenience requirements at both manual border control booth and automated gates.