Road and Transport

The Road Transport solution consists of two main components. The components can be implemented as a whole or separately.


a. Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Registration Subsystem is a comprehenisve solution that covers the entire vehicle registration process. It manages the systematic and instant capture and update of all information including vehicle model number, vehicle plan and drivers’ license details for the convenience of customers and relevant authorities. It is also enables payment and collection of related fees during registration, as well as issuance of registration certificates.


b. Driver Licensing

Driver Licensing Subsystem covers the complete process from the time a learner starts to apply for a driving license all the way to acquiring the driving license. It revolutionizes this process in a way such that a driver can have the time taken to get accurate test results, learner license and driving license in a very reasonable timeframe. The solution also ensures that authorities and customers will have the ease of accessing records and be able to manage their schedule accordingly.