Population Management

The Population Management solution consists of two main components. The components can be implemented as a whole or separately.


a. National Identification

National Identification Management is a population management solution that provides a state of the art technology for electronic government (eGovernment) population management. Hosting an array of powerful and customizable identity management features, it covers end-to-end process from registration and enrolment up to issuance and document lifecycle management. The distinctive solution is capable of producing smart ID documents with latest security features and embedded with biometrics information in compliance with international standards.


b. Civil Registry

Civil Registry Management is a population management solution for recording and safeguarding citizens and residents’ vital life event information from birth, adoption, marriage, and divorce to death in a centralized database. Civil Registry provides means for issuance of legal document and certificates that are used to establish and protect civil right of individuals besides assignment of unique national identification number for each citizen in assurance of a single identity for life.