Value Proposition

“We Listen. We Care. We Deliver.”

To differentiate ourselves from our competitors, our value proposition is  a combination of a wholistic, people-centric approach, best-suited foundational system, and long-term partnership.

From our experience, we realise that the big players in the identity access and management  (IAM) market are highly focused on selling only technology and devices. The push from the industry is always for the latest, the most advanced, the most sophisticated technology or commodity. Whether developed or developing, the focus is generally centered on technology. Features and functions are heavily discussed instead of what is necessary and appropriate for the people, the country. The design-reality gap is a real issue for developing countries and here is where we bridge the gap between what is needed and what the market offers.

Developing countries typically require more than just the import of advanced technology when it comes to implementing Government ICT projects.  What we offer is more than technology.  We are familiar with working around the constraints facing developing countries and are able to offer solutions that are transformational yet feasible. We start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way round. The value that we offer is summarised in the trinity of circles below.