Company Profile

SilverTech Global is a joint venture between the Silverlake Group and HeiTech Padu Bhd. Leveraging off the individual strength of both companies, it was clear that there were major synergies that each could offer the other when it comes to establishing a foothold within the international Digital Government market sector.

SilverTech Global was thus established in 2016 to specialise in the field of identity management projects within the public sector for developing countries.



“We improve the lives of 1 billion people in developing countries by Transforming and Creating Value for the Government.”

The strong 20 year track record and experience of HeiTech as a leading and trusted IT partner to the Malaysian Government for many transformational project for the nation, when coupled with the equally impressive experience and client list of the Silverlake Group in the global banking and financial industry, will allow Silverlake Global to offer its client  a stronger and more complete range of transformational and innovative identity management solutions, with fast implementation and long-term sustainable business models.

SilverTech Global’s high standard of service quality and promise delivery is backed by the resources and sound stability of its owners in their respective markets and is looking forward to developing new relationships with an extended client base.

The company has its office headquarters based in Malaysia where its conducts its main business operations.